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Picture taken mid September 2010 of the sunflowers we planted from seed on Jamie's grave

Grow a sunflower for Jamie



Angie has just published her first book...

Children book - all proceeds go to Jamie's Foundation

This story is about a boy called Jamie whose life was suddenly changed when a small kitten found its way on to his farm. This kitten was no ordinary kitten as Jamie would soon find out. together they would have some wonderful adventures and life would never be the same again.

You can purchase the book for just £6.95 - all proceeds go to the Foundation.

We are also selling the illustrations from the book as limited edition signed prints which cost £15 mounted and £25 framed

and again all proceeds from their sale will go to the Foundation.

To buy the books and prints contact Angie by

email angela.1948@hotmail.co.uk or telephone on 01548 811131


Children book's prints - all proceeds go to Jamie's Foundation


Angie & Julian Bond
Kingfisher House
4 Hexdown Barns
Devon TQ7 4BB
Tel: 01548 811131
Email: info@jamieprocters

Reg. Charity No. 1139763
Jamie Procter's Foundation