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Picture taken mid September 2010 of the sunflowers we planted from seed on Jamie's grave

Grow a sunflower for Jamie



How to make a donation

Donations can be made by the following methods:

By sending a cheque payable to Jamie Procter's Foundation to:

Angie Bond, Kingfisher House, 4 Hexdown Barns, Bigbury, Devon, TQ7 4BB

By bank transfer to the following account:

Bank: Lloyds TSB, Kingsbridge

Account name: Jamie Procter's Foundation

                        Sort code: 30-94-72

                        Account number: 17984068

Donate online via Virgin Giving by clicking here:

Click here and apply now for a Virgin Money Credit Card and 1% of all you spend can be nominated to go to the Foundation




Angie & Julian Bond
Kingfisher House
4 Hexdown Barns
Devon TQ7 4BB
Tel: 01548 811131
Email: info@jamieprocters

Reg. Charity No. 1139763
Jamie Procter's Foundation